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Our contribution for
a clean planet

Solutions for a clean energy production

The energy source of the future


One Roof - three functions:

1. Weatherproof roofing

2. Electricity

3. Heating and hot water

... and all with aesthetics

Solarstrom vom Dach

The energy source of the future - Your Roof 

Electricity and heating for zero costs and zero CO2 emmissions

Energy efficient

for maximum energy

It fulfills 3 main functions:
1. Weatherproof roofing
2. Electricity
3. Heating and hot water

Up to 100% self-sufficiency

Climate neutral

for 100% climate protection

Electricity with ZERO CO2
Heating with ZERO CO2

SolteQ ensures that your home is always pleasant and warm.
... without the need for gas or oil.

Made for generations

Lifespan: >> 80 years

SolteQ Energy Roofs are made up of high quality, prismatic, toughened
glass PV roof tiles and incorporating
only the best solar cells available on the market. A SolteQ SolarTile  do not age, do not rot, do not yellow and are
frost proof. Made for a long liefetime.

Calculate your SolteQ SolarRoof

Choose the tile you want and configure your new SolteQ SolarRoof

With just one click you get an indicated price

Pays itself

A SolteQ solar roof is not a money issue.
It is an investment!

We make sure that you save and earn money right from the start,
instead of spending it.
The SolteQ solar roof will not cost you anything at the end of the month!

Extra guarranties

Excellent guarantees

With your new SolteQ solar roof you have a carefree life. 

SolteQ SolarRoofs

The Energy source of the future: your Roof 

SolteQ SolarRoofs

Enjoy the World of SolteQ SolarRoofs and more

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